224 E CHESTNUT AVE, ALTOONA, PA, 16601-5204 
Eat in,Delivery
Chinese Food,American-Chinese,Sichuan

Business Hours:
Monday Closed 
Tue.- Sat.:10:30am to 9:30pm
Sunday:11:00am  to 9:30pm
Restaurant Type
Eat in
Chinese Food
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Reviewed by: ceck1371usmc on: 2021/3/27 18:30:24
Food was great!
Reviewed by: bbmagee71 on: 2020/10/29 16:12:16
Usually you guys are on point. This time, my order should have had 2 orders of egg rolls (4 total) and an extra to go with the combination dinner. I only received 3 total egg rolls. Since we ordered for several people, we did not notice until later.
Reviewed by: ben.stehley on: 2020/8/7 11:27:15
I LOVE YOU GUYS! Messed up a previous order and fixed it no hesitation, I will be looking good reviews elsewhere for you as well. Thank you(:
Reviewed by: haselbarthj on: 2020/5/8 10:41:07
placed online order for delivery. Sweet sour chicken was missing the sweet sour sauce, just got chicken and rice.
Reviewed by: kbsause21 on: 2020/4/1 13:15:47
Need 1 Chinese tea. 15 duck sauce. 6 soy sauce. 8 mustard
Reviewed by: mamaof2brats1114 on: 2019/12/29 19:52:26
I'm very disappointed with my over $50 order. I got a seafood delight meal, shrimp fried rice, and 3 shrimp egg rolls. The seafood delight meal had 4 pieces of shrimp, 2 scallops, and no lobster. It was nothing but vegetables. The fried rice had maybe 4 prices in a large order and the egg rolls had 0 shrimp. This is our favorite place, but this is not the first time this has happened. I'm not a happy customer and will definitely think again before ordering again
Reviewed by: ladyannceballos on: 2019/12/28 17:34:39
I did not receive spring rolls that I ordered, I even asked before I hung up to check that he had the spring rolls ordered. He assured me he did. After receiving my order. I called, the manager told me they are very busy and my options were to have a note entered with my # or wait 50 to 60 minutes. I told her that was not acceptable I live 1.5 miles away from the store. She said she would call the driver. I opened my meal and had plain fried rice, but I ordered pork fried rice. Pork fried rice was on the receipt but was crossed out with a red marker. So I called them back. She really did tell me to return the plate that I am eating and she would send ma a new one In 50 to 60 minutes. I told her my family is eating now. And checked again. So you want me to close this plate and wait to return it? She said yes. How sorry can you be, you messed up the whole order. And I eat alone. Thanks! I won’t be ordering from here again.
Reviewed by: scarlisle005 on: 2019/10/4 14:24:09
I love this place! My family eats here alot and the food is always amazing and delivery is fast!
Reviewed by: mfindley93 on: 2019/7/18 19:43:07
Thursday* web site and online says they close at 1100.
Reviewed by: mfindley93 on: 2019/7/18 19:41:52
Called and was put on hold multiple times, finally called the other number at 1030 and was told they were closed. It's a Tuesday and all we wanted was their fried chicken which doesnt take long. Sad part is they're usually pretty good and friendly. Disappointed.
Reviewed by: cassirussell01 on: 2019/7/18 16:41:19
We ordered beef and broccoli and chicken and broccoli dinners this evening and were very disappointed. The rice was very over cooked and the vegetables were to raw to even chew.The egg rolls e too friend. Very poor experience for our first and probably last time ordering from you.
Reviewed by: mhappyguy11 on: 2019/3/25 6:08:53
Ordered shrimp combo on Sunday Night and fried rice was mushy and shrimp soft like it was microwaved. Egg roll was soggy. Food is usually great.